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What image features guide lightness perception?

MJ Kim, JM Gold & RF Murray
Journal of Vision 2018 •

Multisensory integration in short-term memory: Musicians do rock

AM Aizenman AM, JM Gold & R Sekuler

Neuroscience 2018 • PDF

Biased Guessing in a Complete-Identification Visual-Working-Memory Task: Further Evidence for Mixed-State Models

R. Nosofsky & J.M. Gold

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 2018 • LINK

Efficiencies for parts and wholes in biological motion perception
W.D. Bromfield & J.M. Gold
Journal of Vision 2017 •

The impact of symmetry on the efficiency of human face perception

J.L. Bittner & J.M. Gold
Perception 2017 •

Memory and learning for visual signals in time and space

S. Maharjan, J.M. Gold & R. Sekuler
Attention, Perception & Psychophysics 2017 •

The impact of Configural Superiority on the processing of spatial information

A. Bratch, S. Barr, W.D. Bromfield, A. Srinath, J. Zhang  & J.M. Gold

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 2016 • LINK

Memory strength versus memory variability in visual change detection

R. Nosofsky & J.M. Gold

Attention, Perception & Psychophysics 2015 • PDF

Integration of social information by human groups

B. Granovskiy, J.M. Gold, D. Sumpter & R.L. Goldstone

Topics in Cognitive Science 2015 • PDF

Redundant Visual Information Enhances Group Decisions

S. Barr & J.M. Gold

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 2014

Verbal labeling, gradual decay, and sudden death in visual short-term memory.

C. Donkin, R.M. Nosofsky R.M., J.M. Gold & R. Shiffrin

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 2014 • PDF

A perceptually completed whole is less than the sum of its parts

J.M. Gold

Psychological Science 2014 • PDF • Supplementary Figures: S1(tiff) • S2 (mov) • S3 (mov) • S4 (mov) • S5 (mov) • captions (PDF)

The perception of a familiar face is no more than the sum of its parts

J.M. Gold, J.D. Barker, S. Barr, J.L. Bittner, A. Bratch, W. D. Bromfield, R.A. Goode, M. Jones, D. Lee & A. Srinath

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 2014 • PDFSupplementary Methods

Information processing correlates of a size-contrast illusion

J.M. Gold

Frontiers in Psychology: Perception Science 2014 • link

Memory and incidental learning for visual frozen noise sequences

J.M. Gold, A. Aizenman, S.M. Bond & R. Sekuler

Vision Research 2014 • PDF

Measuring single-item identification efficiencies for letters and 3D objects

A. Eidels & J.M. Gold

Behavioral Research Methods 2014 • PDF

Discrete-slots models of visual working-memory response times

C. Donkln, R.N. Nosofsky, J.M. Gold & R.M. Shiffrin

Psychological Review 2013 • PDF

The efficiency of dynamic and static facial expression recognition

J.M. Gold, J.D. Barker, S. Barr, J.L. Bittner, W. D. Bromfield, N. Chu, R.A. Goode, D. Lee, M. Simmons & A. Srinath

Journal of Vision  2013  •  Full TextPDF

Hi-Res Figure 1Hi-Res Figure 3Hi-Res Figure 7

Expression Stimuli in MATLAB .mat File Format (~200 MB)Expression Stimuli Quicktime File Format (.zip file, ~25 MB)

Inversion effects in face-selective cortex with combinations of face parts

L.R. Arcurio, T.W. James & J.M. Gold

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2013  •  PDF

The perception of a face is no more than the sum of its parts

J.M. Gold, P.J. Mundy & B.S. Tjan

Psychological Science 2012  •  PDF

The response of face-selective cortex with single face parts and part combinations

L.R. Arcurio, J.M. Gold & T.W. James

Neuropsychologica  2012   •  PDF

Ideal Observers and Efficiency: Commemorating 50 Years of Tanner and Birdsall

J.M. Gold, C. Abbey, B.S. Tjan & D. Kersten

Journal of the Optical Society of America: A 2010  •  PDF

Pattern Recognition in Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise

B. Conrey & J.M. Gold

Journal of the Optical Society of America: A 2010   •  PDF

Integration of Facial Information is Sub-Optimal

J.M. Gold, Bosco S. Tjan & M. Shotts

Proceedings of the 31st Annual Cognitive Science Society Meeting 2009   •   PDF

The efficiency of biological motion perception

J.M. Gold, D. Tadin, S.C. Cook & R. Blake

Perception & Psychophysics 2008   •   PDF

Inducing features from visual noise

A. L. Cohen, R. Shiffrin, J.M. Gold & D. Ross

Journal of Vision 2007  •  PDF

An ideal observer analysis of variability in visual-only speech

B. Conrey & J.M. Gold

Vision Research 2006  •  PDF

Finding visual features: Using stochastic stimuli to discover internal representations

J.M. Gold, R Shiffrin & J. Elder

Journal of Vision 2006  •  link

Visual noise reveals category representations

J.M. Gold, A.L. Cohen & R. Shiffrin.

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 2006  •  PDF

The timecourse of visual completion measured by response classification

J.M. Gold, E. Shubel

Journal of Vision 2006  •  PDF

Visual memory decay is deterministic

J.M. Gold, R.F. Murray, A.B. Sekuler, P.J. Bennett & R. Sekuler.

Psychological Science 2005  •  PDF

Inversion leads to quantitative. not qualitative changes in face processing

A.B. Sekuler, C.M. Gaspar, J.M. Gold & P.J. Bennett

Current Biology 2004  •  PDF

Characterizing perceptual learning with external noise

J.M. Gold, A.B. Sekuler, & P.J. Bennett

Cognitive Science 2004  •  PDF

Troubles with bubbles

R.F. Murray & J.M. Gold

Vision Research 2004  •  PDF

Reply to Gosselyn & Schyns

R.F. Murray & J.M. Gold

Vision Research 2004  •  PDF

Signal and noise in perceptual Learning

J.M. Gold

PhD Thesis 2001  •  PDF

The effect of the physical characteristics of cues and targets on facilitation and inhibition

J. Pratt, J. Hillis & J.M. Gold

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 2001   •  PDF


Is position "special" in visual selection? Evidence that top-down processes guide visual selection

J.M. Gold & J. Pratt

Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology 2001

Deriving behavioral receptive fields for visually completed contours

J.M. Gold, R.F. Murray, A.B. Sekuler & P.J. Bennett

Current Biology 2000  •  PDF  •  Figure 1  •  Figure 2  • Figure 3

Visual completion of partly occluded objects: Insights from behavioral studies

A.B. Sekuler, J.M. Gold, R.F. Murray & P.J. Bennett

Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology 2000  •  PDF

Signal but not noise changes with perceptual learning

J.M. Gold, P.J. Bennett & A.B. Sekuler

Nature 1999  •  PDF  •  Face Stimuli (.mat file) •  Noise Texture Stimuli (.mat file)

Identification of band-pass filtered faces and letters by human and ideal observers

J.M. Gold, P.J. Bennett & A.B. Sekuler

Vision Research 1999  •  PDF  •  Face Stimuli (.mat file)  •  Letter Stimuli (.mat file)

The role of spatial frequency information in the identification of complex visual patterns

J.M. Gold

MA Thesis 1996